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Mar. 22nd, 2030

Spring I see all

Friends Only

Mar. 20th, 2030


Places to Visit

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 Travel Deal Sites:




Price Line:www.priceline.com/

Fare Compare:www.farecompare.com/

Last minute cruises:www.lastminutecruises.com/

Jan. 7th, 2020


My Stamp Collection

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Mar. 11th, 2015

Spring I see all

Shop Sites

This is all mostly for my benefit so I have all the links to these shop sites in case my computer goes bye bye and all is lost. Seriously it happened once and I was never able to track down all those online shops I once had saved. Oh well if you want you can browse through these links. I have them under labels of what I would go to those sites fr even though most of these sites could fit under more then one label.

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Apr. 29th, 2011

the dress

Royal Fashion.

Okay, I stayed up to watch the wedding and fell asleep right after I got to see Kate's dress. Yeah, I was only interested in the wedding for the dresses and the hats. Lets take a look at Kates dress and some of the royal dresses of the past.

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reading Marie

Waiting for the blasted wedding.....

It is currently 1:25 a.m and I am staying up for themost overhyped wedding of the century. You know at first I thought the reason I was hearing about the darn thing so much was because I was watching BBC America and well it being a British based network of course the royal wedding would be featured. It just turns out that Americans have some odd obsession with it. Probably because they have royalty and we happen to associate royalty with fairytales and happily ever after. That's the thing though, the people who are obsessed with this thing have the mindset that because they are royalty they somehow know the secrets to marriage. Diana and Chareles were beleived to be a fairytale come true, but the exact opposite happened. Diana's association with the royal family was tragic from the very begining. (She is a . terribly interesting historical figure.) She knew her only place in the royal family was to produce a male heir, was a third wheel in her own marriage, never accepted by the royal family, and died a tragic and untimely death.The thing about happily ever afters in real life there is no such thing. There are no happy ending in the end, just bitter sweet. Kate Middleton and William will have to work at their marriage much harder than anyone else.They're whole life will be in the spotlight.

It makes me so glad that I'm not a royal. Harry and William seem to have all these restrictions in life besided growing up in the public eye. For example they can't hang up disco balls at their own weddding without the old time royals getting miffed. http://royalwedding.yahoo.com/blogs/pippa-middleton-hangs-disco-balls-at-buckingham-palace-7057 It makes me appreciate what I have
 If I wanted to I could run off and get married in Las Vegas and no one would batt an eye, but if William or Harry did such a think is would be a catastrophe that would end up on the news. I think the reason why this wedding is so important is because everyone looks to the royals when it comes to a stable family unit and if they can't make it, what hope do the rest of us have? This might seem odd, but in some way this wedding is supposed to make up for the terrible marriage that Diana had and the public seems to want proof that there is still some kind of good and stability in the world.

Enough of me being pessimistc looks at some more joyful things like for example will be serving an alcaholic drink called Treasure chests at the wedding. You can make yourself a Treasure Chest using thise recipe. (Probably not the same thing.)

Treasure Chest
1 oz. Whaler's Rare Reserve Dark Rum
5 oz. Orange Juice


Serve over ice with garnish


Combines Whaler's ultra-smooth Rare Reserve Dark Rum with orange liqueur and a refreshing blend of orange, passion fruit and lime juices. Garnish with Maraschino cherries.

Disney has come out with a whole bunch of crafts for the special event. http://family.go.com/disney/royal-wedding-tea-gallery-pg/#Coat%20of%20Arms;5/?cmp=SYN-DIS_DMR_Princess_RoyalWedding_CoatofArms_Fcom (If I drink enough Treasure Chests I might want to do one.) They've also came out with the Kate Middleton paperdoll. -  _- http://family.go.com/disney/royal-wedding-tea-gallery-pg/?cmp=SYN-DIS_DMR_Princess_RoyalWedding_KatePaperDolls_Fcom (Without the see through dress of course.) Note: Did you know that Kate Middleton won't have Princess added to her title? How odd?

Now, this is the wedding of the century.



Apr. 12th, 2011


What Book Am I?


Mar. 1st, 2011

Spring I see all

Locher's (I think I'm in Love)

It must be said I was in love. The naughty, but ever so nice blouses featured at Locher's. I simply adored them they were classy, cute, and risque all at the same time. I wish they were in my price range and I was hoping to one day own one, but it seems that Loher's has decided to retire them. Lets take a look at look at some of my favorites.


Back of the shirt says: I can only please one man a day. Today is not your day, and tomorrow doesn't look good either.

Oh my gosh it's just so bitchy I love it.


Back Says: Just good boys get presents.

You don't get cuddles!

Front says: Fucked in the head.

A sentiment I'm inclined to agree with.

Shirt says: Sans Culotte (meaning no panties)

I honestly don't like the saying as much as I like the blouse itself.

Says: Cute little fuckers.

Says: Petite Salope meaning Little Slut.

I love this blouse it's my favorite and the best part is how discrete the saying is. I would have paid full price for this blouse no questions asked. In all honesty I'm a good girl, but I'm a good girl with a twisted sense of humor.


Ha this is another favorite on the back it says: Sorry Darling,Good girls don't swallow.
haha get it swallow? Yeah, it's pretty nuaghty.

Sadly, it's sold out. :( Maybe sublime stiching could help me out fashioning such blouses on my own.

Locher's also has some fantastic jewlery and as of  right now they still have their witty little blouses so check them out. http://www.lochers.com/index.html

Note: There will probably be a pointless post in the future about their jewlery.

Feb. 18th, 2011


Betsey Johnson Fashion Week

I adore Betsey Johnson's fashions. It's cute,girly ,humorous, sexy, and edgy all at the same time.

Her clothing can be a bit pricey. It's not terribly outrageous, but a whole paycheck could possibly buy one of her dresses. She has decided to unveil a lower price collection. You can view it here. racked.com/archives/2011/02/14/unveiled-betsey-johnsons-new-lowerpriced-pink-patch-collection.php   I'm however not terribly impressed. Oh, well those of who can't afford Betsey will have to deal.

Jan. 29th, 2011


The Docto Knocked up his Daughter! OH MY GAWD!!!!

This post is just going to be a ramble of several subjects.

First off the tenth doctor is getting married!

In news which should shock and appall Doctor Who fans the world over, the 10th incarnation of the Doctor has announced his engagement to his own daughter. From the Digital Journal:
David Tennant and Georgia Moffett, two off the stars of the BBC TV series Doctor Who, have become engaged and intend to marry in 2012.
Tennant, 39 - best known for playing the tenth Doctor in the BBC's long-running science-fiction drama - and Moffett, 26, have been going out together since they met on the Doctor Who set in 2008.

Moffett currently holds the distinction of playing two different companions of the Doctor in the TV series. In 2008, she played the Doctor's daughter, Jenny, in a story by Stephen Greenhorn (River City), which was called . . . The Doctor's Daughter [in which she played the Doctor's daughter. --Ed.] ...

However, her association with the series is stronger than that. She is the daughter of Peter Davison (who played the fifth Doctor from 1981 to 1984) and Sandra Dickinson (The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy). ...

According to the Sun, the pair "are making plans to wed on New Year's Day in 2012".

The fact the actor is marrying his daughter on the show is weird enough, but David Tennet is marrying his idol's daughter isjust kind of creepy. I'm curious to see if their marriage will last. Weirder yet she's pregnant. They're kid is going to have his grandfather for the fifth doctor and his father as the tenth doctor. If things keep going like this in 20 year or so their kid will be the 15th doctor. It's nice to know that the Doctor Who legacy will live on, but this is all just a bit odd.

Many fan girls will be distraught over this development, but it's no news that the Doctor has his way with the ladies. Seriously, the Doctor gets around. -_-

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